Freelance Architectural Visualisation

Planning granted on PPS7

This architectural visualisation Dan Marks created in 2009. This exterior architectural visualisation helped to grant planning approval for the project, here is the letter of thanks from the owner: Dear ‘Team’, I am delighted to be able to inform you that we have today been granted planning approval for our house at London End Lane, Bow Brickhill, following an appeal. The design was judged to satisfy PPS7, an extremely demanding policy, which, under paragraph 11 acknowledges that in the open countryside, “very occasionally, a house of exceptional quality and innovative nature might be permitted, if it can be deemed to be…

Refurbishment – architectural visualisation

It’s amazing what an impact just a clean-up can have, in this exterior architectural visualisation we have added new units to ground floor, and general removal of surplus guttering and cables that have gathered over the years on the fascia. The render is then blended with the photographic backplate in Photoshop. In this case the architectural visualisation can be used to explain the plan to local residents, and to help gain planning permission from the local council. Click on the architectural visualisation to appreciate the detail full screen. Client: ArcMedia