Planning granted by clause PPS7

The first ever private commission by Dan 2009. This exterior architectural visualisation helped to grant planning approval for the project, here is the letter of thanks from the owner:

Dear ‘Team’,

I am delighted to be able to inform you that we have today been granted planning approval for our house at London End Lane, Bow Brickhill, following an appeal.

The design was judged to satisfy PPS7, an extremely demanding policy, which, under paragraph 11 acknowledges that in the open countryside, “very occasionally, a house of exceptional quality and innovative nature might be permitted, if it can be deemed to be truly outstanding and ground breaking in its design.”

This is truly a fantastic result of which we should all be proud

An extract of the decision notice follows:

“The Appellant’s Design and Access Statement and other documents illustrate the care that has been taken in designing a building respectful of its context. This is not a dwelling that may easily be compared with conventionally designed houses or one that can be judged on aesthetic merit alone. The design is, in my opinion, highly innovative and responsive to its situation. In pursuing energy efficiency aims and making use of renewable resources it displays considerable ingenuity and imagination…………

I have considered information on other eco-homes and low impact dwellings that have been permitted elsewhere. These buildings will almost certainly have employed, in some measure, conventional materials and techniques. The
appeal dwelling would also incorporate conventional materials and techniques. That does not, in my opinion, detract from what I consider to be the ground breaking nature of the appeal proposal, taken as a whole; nor does it diminish,
in my view, the contribution the building is capable of making to knowledge and expertise on energy and resource management.

I therefore conclude that the development proposed satisfies criteria set out in
paragraph 11 of PPS7.”

We are still absorbing this news, after almost 19 years of working towards this and will formulate our plans over the next few weeks.

In the first instance, though, it occurred to us that you may all wish to derive some PR and credibility benefit from what is a great recognition of your respective and collective professional expertise. May I suggest, therefore, that we try to put together a press release which recognize these respective contributions and which we can all use? I would be grateful if you could let me know if you agree with this and whether you would like to be listed, and with which contact details. I suggest that Rory, Frank and I, head this up. If you don’t wish to have your details published or think it is a bad idea altogether to prepare such a press release, please let me know.

Thanks once again to you all. We will also be in touch with you individually,

kind regards,