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High-quality 3D visualisations for interior designers

Tangible Visual have been creating beautiful CGI visualisations since 2011 and have led the way in adopting the latest software and visual trends.

We believe a well constructed image is a powerful thing. It is something which people can gather around, believe in and agree upon.


Whether the aim of your project is communicating an idea, marketing a development or assisting a planning application, it is important to identify the emotions and aspirations you desire for us to weave into the fabric of every image we create for you.


Once you hand over your moodboard, design sketches or technical drawings, we take great pride in transforming them into incredible, photorealistic 3D visualisations often mistaken for real life photos.


Everything here is 100% CGI crafted by us from our studio.

Your Experience


Our process is both efficient and methodical while being flexible and creative. Every project starts with you sharing your design, be it in the form of a quick sketch on a napkin or a full set of BIM architectural CAD models. 

Our Portfolio

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