A word from the founder

This month marks five years since our formation. Over that time arch vis. has come a long way. The hardware and software has become much more powerful enabling much more detail and a real sense of photo-realism to be achieved. But what can we expect over the next five years?

My prediction is that 2016 will mark the beginning of mass adoption of Virtual Reality as a design communication tool, thus adding new meaning to the phrase ‘Tangible Visual’.

Why commission Tangible Visual?

We listen, immerse ourselves in the design information and consider your vision, purpose, audience, and the message you wish to convey.

We believe each visual should tell a story. This is achieved through creative use of light, colour, people and props to help guide your audience through the image. We draw attention to the important details and generate the atmosphere of a space. 

We involve our clients in the production process, submitting regular drafts and taking on-board feedback.

Attention to detail, creativity and technical expertise are what separate Tangible Visual from the rest.


Dan Marks  | Founder of Tangible Visual

Tangible Visual Ltd. is registered in England and Wales company no. 07534536