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About us

Tangible Visual is an architectural visualisation studio based in the UK and Portugal. 


Founded by Dan Marks in 2011, our studio brings to life ambitious plans for future spaces, places and products through the most sophisticated architectural visualisation techniques and technologies.

We enjoy partnering with a wide range of clients from all over the world, including architects, property developers, planners and interior designers, creating compelling imagery and experiences that inspire and excite. Through our understanding of architectural aesthetics, experience design and storytelling, we can capture the unique character of your project and clearly communicate your innovation and ingenuity to your audiences.


With our expertise in 2D and 3D visualization, animation, virtual reality and augmented reality we provide architectural renderings, product presentations, interactive walk-throughs and virtual tours of exceptional quality and maximum impact.

Dan Marks

Creative Director

Dan founded Tangible Visual in 2011 after working with leading industry experts on visualisation and environment creation projects nationally and internationally.


As Creative Director for Tangible Visual, Dan’s approach is thoughtful, meticulous and client focused; driven to create effective and evocative imagery that truly captures the client’s vision and ambition. Each project is advanced with a fresh perspective, applying the most innovative technologies and creative processes to create impactful, original and illuminating imagery and experiences. 

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Ruth Gooding

Director of Business and Innovation 


Ruth came to Tangible Visual after working as a contemporary art Curator for many national organisations and art galleries.


As Director of Business and Innovation for Tangible Visual, Ruth supports and promotes a creative culture, optimising business engagement, innovation and partnerships nationally and internationally.

Ruth has a flair for research, respect for the power of the visual image and passion for supporting clients to communicate their ideas and reach their objectives. 

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