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About us

My passion for creating inspiring imagery led me to found Tangible Visual 9 years ago. We work with architects, property developers and interior designers to take an ideas, concepts and designs into a realistic vision or experience. 

Our experience and our ability to read between the lines and make creative decisions means that you can entrust us create luxurious, high end imagery and VR/AR walkthroughs from your 2D plans and mood boards. Every image is bespoke, we lavish attention on lighting, materials, and composition to ensure that your vision is represented in the most eye catching, compelling way. 

Our work enables your plans to be realistically understood, both by other industry professionals and consumers alike – meaning projects can be agreed and then progress with little to no misunderstanding. We generate excitement, interest and trust in your schemes through high end marketing material. We help your customers to see what they are buying, and aid agreements in design and finish from all parties, meaning smoother relationships down the line.

We’re currently looking to form mutually beneficial business partnerships with luxury interior designers, architects and property developers. 

Dan Marks, Creative Director.

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